Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Growing, growing, growing

The pictures below were taken just about a week ago and I am going to post some from today a little later today. Its amazing how much things are growing.

Yesterday my mom brought me a ton of monkey grass that she was allowed to dig up at a church around here. I am so excited! I am planting it everywhere. She also brought her cool friend Jerry (a woman) who is 77 years old and this year is planting her first garden in 25 years. I went through all of my seeds and gave her some of everything I have left. Ms. Jerry is also going to give me some of her mums and a tree (can't remember the name for anything right now). So, my plants are growing and my aquiring of plants is growing as well. Yippee!

I cannot wait until everything is big and beautiful.

Arg. I have a cottonwood tree (several actually) behind my house and they are raining down what I have decided to call Mississippi Snow all over my yard. These little seed puffs have the insane ability to actually sprout in just a matter of hours. My gardens are all covered with the little puffs, but there is no way to get them out until they sprout, then I get to pick, pick, pick all the little treese out of everything.

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Jo said...

how about your garden journal? I think that would be a great thing to put on here, very clever idea.

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