Monday, October 3, 2011

Helpful hints for crochet and yarn stuffs

A friend was asking about all the abbreviations used in crocheting patterns and I was thinking of making up a cheat sheet for her (I've done it for myself and have it pasted on one of my binders that I keep patterns in). Well, I (luckily) have a zillion old crochet mags that I can cut from but I figured there surely must be a handy dandy guide online...Luckily the Craft Yarn Council has done all of these charts for we crochet and crafters.
Crochet abbreviations
Standard body measurements/Sizing
And I know everyone gets a little wonky trying to figure out if this yarn is fingerling or fine or bulky or super bulky, especially if you are like me and always take your yarn out of the paper roll as soon as you get home so you can roll it yourself. So here's a fantastic explanation of all the yarn weights and such, also from the Craft Yarn Council.
Standard Yarn Weight System

Thank goodness for these charts.
I'm off to work on a princess costume for my princess. (My niece.)

Also still trying to figure out the table situation.

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