Saturday, October 1, 2011

I made a big mess

We were watching a sad, sad game of Mississppi State University football this morning and I was so annoyed with the game that I just stomped off to fix (the room was already completely clean and organized) my crafting room. I have a terrible habit of creating the most gigantic of messes when I think I need to reorganize. It seems like I have to throw everything in a pile or something and then restart the room from there. So 3 or 4 hours later (now) I have to go grocery shopping and I feel like screaming because I cannot seem to get things back in order in there. I need a far more functional work space. I have lots of shelves, but no table that is sufficient to work on. Right now I use a card table that is 3'square and it's a nightmare trying to work and not knock over things. Last week I dumped my paint water cup twice. And that was after hours of working with the same water so the water was pigment heavy. Anyway, it got everywhere. Luckily, the brown, shag carpet in the room is already so crazy that I don't think anyone could pick out the new splotches I added.

I hate messes though. I am a neurotic organizer. I have a specific, convenient and logical place for the things in my studio and when things are out of whack I cannot work right.

Do you have a DIY table idea that has worked really great for you? I would love to know. I can build, but I am going for something I can create out of the things I have already. I have been eying this rickety old picnic table I saved from the garbage truck a few years ago. But really the top is so completely unlevel I think that I would go nuts trying to work with it. It is nice and long though and deep but not so deep that I cannot reach the back while sitting. Hm. I also have the outdoor patio table. It's iron with a glass top and rectangular. I haven't come up with a good reason to not use that yet, other than the top is glass and I can get a little crazy with the tools and power tools. I would surely hate to break it (and quite probably cut something off of myself in the process). I want to just steal the chop block kitchen table we have. It's a great size and the top is oak and about 5 inches thick. Pretty sure I cannot manage to get that through our tiny hall doorway but I could try.

I get dangerous when I want to do something but cannot figure it out. The comforting thing I must remember is that I ALWAYS figure it out. I just am not very patient with myself.

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