Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Yes, I am a blog slacker.

Corn and my dear Lady dog.

Teeny tiny crookneck squash.

Birdhouse gourd vine.

Something screwy happened with these pics when I uploaded them, sorry...

Ok, Ok, I know that I never update this poor blog. I promise I do think of it, but I never get around to sitting still and just updating this damned thing.

For a while I was a little worried (ok, really, really worried) that the garden was not going to make it. After having so much trouble keeping the garden hydrated, I decided to plant in "beds" rather than rows. Well, for some strange reason, we have had an abundance of rain at times when we normally don't get drenching rains, so my garden remained flooded for nearly 3 straight weeks. This really harmed the growth of much of my veggies; with my peppers and tomatoes being damaged the most. Peppers do not like cold feet and they are all really stunted now.

Anyhow, it was very distressing and I've spent countless hours in the yard trying to figure and maneuver things so my plants wouldn't get stuck in the bog...

Things are looking up now and we are back to fairly dry MS weather. The plants are all going nuts (finally). Of course, my squash are already heavily infested with squash vine borers (check out the pic and info I posted last year about this time, just click on the link to the side of this post). But I tried to interplant a lot more than last year and that has helped to (so far) keep the other infestations at a minimum.

I have also had tremendous luck with flowers this year. I grew many things from seeds and some that were already bulbs in the ground. The yard is so beautiful, too bad its always so darn hot outside.

Anyhow, I will attach some pics of all the growth and beautiful stuff.

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