Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Quick easy crochet art yarn baby beanie

gauge:  10 dc x 4 rows = 4 inches
gauge is important if you actually want this to fit by following these instructions specifically. I don't crochet particularly tightly or loosely, you may have to adjust if things seem way off. Or email me and I can help modify the pattern for you.

yarn: I used Red Heart Ltd. Rag Doll, color Wow, 67% wool, 27% nylon, 6% acrylic. Any super bulky yarn should produce similar results.

Hook: 6.5mm (k)


make a magic loop and ch 1
round 1: sc 8 stitches into magic loop, slip stitch (ss) to join
round 2: 2 dc into each of the sc in the row below, ss to join (16 dc total)
round 3: 2 dc into each of the dc in the row below, ss to join (32 dc total)
round 4: *2 dc into 1st dc from previous row, sc into next 3 dc. * repeat until all the way back to 1st dc made. ss to join
round 5-7: dc in each dc from previous row, ss to join
finish off

From here if you want the hat longer, so you could fold up a cuff, just add a row or two more of double crochets.

This is really not even a pattern. It's just my standard hat beginning that I use for all baby, small child hats. Let me know if I've made a mistake or left something out.

Check me out on ravelry if you want.

Also, I don't care if you sell anything you make from this. I know that's what many people do and I am fine with it. If you actually make a hat following this pattern exactly, I'd love a link back to my site in your credits, but even that is up to you.


Michelle Wulf said...

You may have left off the number of chains after finishing a row or maybe you don't chain. :) Thanks for the pattern, though! :)

Amanda Doll said...

Thank you so much for your response! You are correct about the chains. I always forget to write that down. I usually ch 3 for my turning chain. :)

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