Friday, September 30, 2011

Right place at the right time

Do you ever just want something so much it drives you crazy? Ok, that was probably a dumb question. I don't mean like a fabulous car or something. Just a thing that would be handy and helpful. Well, I have been dreaming of a yarn ball winder. I have tried to make one several times and have had varying levels of success. Ball winders are expensive though. I mean a super cheap one is still going to run $30. And electric ones are just nuts expensive --  at least $80.

Anyway, today I had an awesome meeting with a friend who's a photographer (feel free to check her out here) and after another appointment I went by one of my favorite thrift stores in the entire world and do you know what the first thing I saw was???? This perfect little hand crank Lacis yarn ball winder. It was sitting on a shelf, totally misunderstood and neglected. I bet no one knew what it was. And it cost $2.50. Woo hoo. That, along with the 4 sweaters I got (2 angora and 2 cashmere), seriously made me one happy chick. I also lucked upon some really neat vintage patterns for women's & girls' clothing from the 60's and 70's. Fun.

So all the things I got today cost less than the price of a new ball winder. Yeah for me.

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