Thursday, September 29, 2011

How to sharpen your rotary blade...

So as a crafter, I am constantly getting dull blades on everything: scissors, box cutters, rotary blade, this paper cutter thing...

Anyhow I thought to find a way to sharpen these that actually works. I have purchased a fiskar scissor sharpener (it works alright, but not on small, fine tipped scissor, and not specialty scissors). And a chef's choice blade/knife sharpener (this was so expensive too!--this sorta works, but not so great for most of my art tools, much better on kitchen knives). I have also cut sandpaper to shreds. This works, but I wasn't sure it would work on my rotary blade. Anyway, I googled "can I sharpen my rotary cutter blade" and came to this awesome blog: Penny's Hands That lady is clever as can be. I tried her advice and within about 2 minutes my rotary blade was actually cutting through 4 layers or t-shirt cotton on the first swipe! Yippee. I can prolong buying new blades a while.

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