Thursday, October 6, 2011

Table problem solved!

Yea! I love when I do something and it turns out good. It makes me feel more accomplished and it helps me feel more confident.

My wonderful husband suggested a few things this weekend and I actually listened to him and tried them. I am now the proud owner of a much more organized work space.

I wish I had taken some before pictures so I could do the great before and after photo deal, but I never think of that until I am done. But please have a look at the awesomeness I have created!

I found a pallet for free and wrangled it into the trunk of my Sentra, let's just say thank goodness it was less than a mile from my house. Anyhow, I pulled out my trusty power tools yesterday and came up with these two pallet pockets, as I call them.

This is how the room turned out altogether.

This is Daisy and clearly these are her rugs. Thank goodness I didn't want them. She actually had to pull the circular one out from under the table legs, I don't know how she did it.

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