Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Free Zig zag, ric rac -ish crochet pattern

Any hook appropriate for the size of yarn you use. Example: I used a fine cashmere and a 1.90mm steel hook. This creates a delicate zig zag and I use it for bracelets, though this could be used as a trim or applique (similar to actual ric rac.) I've also made it with a aran weight and a 4.25 hook, obviously this is much thicker, but still makes a great pattern and really a neat thing to work with.

Terminology and abriviations:
Chain: ch
Double crochet: dc

Zig Zag aka Ric Rac
Start: chain 4
Row 1:  3 dc in 4th chain from hook, ch 3, turn
Row 2: 3 dc in last dc from previous round. **((I'll explain/illustrate after pattern.)

Repeat row 2 as many times as desired to reach whatever length you'd like. I have also pre-strung some small glass beads onto my yarn (remember to string in opposite order of what you would like them to be on the item) and put beads on the points created by the zig zag.

**After each round you are going to have a triangle (or hump, depending on how sharp and tightly you work this), when you turn to start your next triangle (because this is essentially a string of alternating triangles) turn your work so the "point" of the just finished triangle is pointing downwards (towards your lap or elbow). Use the last dc you made, which should be closest to the top now (farthest away from your body), and put all 3 dc into the loop formed between last and 2nd to last dc. At first this seems weird and may look funky, but after a few triangles, you will get it down nicely. It's easy to do and quick, so if you mess up and finally get it down, you can easily pull out the mess and start over with your new info to create a neater line.

This pic above is a good way to look at the triangles and when you turn how you want them to be. Looking at my pointer finger (farthest to the left) notice the 3dc making the triangle that has beads at the top is all worked into the last dc of the previous "row". If I were working from this triangle, I would turn the zig zag so that I am looking at the flat line you see on the bottom of the same triangle, having the flat line point away from my body.

Here's a bracelet I've made with this pattern:

I'm fairly sure this makes only a little bit of sense. If you want to know something, please ask, I'll try, in my long and drawn out way, to explain it. Or if I've made a mistake, also please tell me. I prefer to get it right than to just think I am right.

I tried to use my built in webcam to show a tiny video of me making the triangle and then doing the turn to make this easier and for some unknown reason, my webcam has "disappeared" from my laptop. I mean, it's still there, but no matter what I do my laptop will NOT recognize it's existence. Hmm, maybe they are fighting. I don't know. I typed this pattern out about 2 weeks ago and have left it in a draft folder in hopes of fixing the evil webcam, but hey screw it. Good luck with my nutso pattern.

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