Thursday, December 8, 2011

I almost bought a sweater at a department store today!

That's sacriledge, I know, but I have to go to my husband's office Christmas party next week. I am having surgery to remove a cyst from my cheek tomorrow (which requires stitches that won't be out before the party), so I am really self-conscious anyway and the idea of trotting in there with all of his beautiful co-workers and me all gross in my pajama pants doesn't make me feel very pretty. I stopped myself though. How on earth could someone who literally spends all of her free time working with yarn purchase a random cheap sweater?

Ug, I still dread next week. And for that matter, I dread tomorrow.

Nothing I am trying to do is working. I've moved my studio space and am working on getting it ultra functional (and a little pretty), but it seems like I am moving in slow motion or perhaps somehow getting stuck in a time-space continuum of sorts that makes it seem like even though I work at this all day everyday, I never get any farther ahead. I have people asking me to make them things (that's awesome!) but when they ask how much I want, I ALWAYS say "oh nothing, you don't have to pay me". Literally every single tiime. "No, no, I enjoy being poor! Thanks though".

I need a business manager. I read the heck out of The Handmade Marketplace by Kari Chapin and I can intelligently accept the things she says and theoretically understand all the priciples, but when it comes to actually doing the right things, I just cannot manage to get it right.

I live in a college town that is all about trendy stuff and there are a ton of boutique shops that I KNOW would sell my stuff, but I cannot go in. I have this very strong feeling if I did it would be much like the fabulous negotiations I have managed so far. You know the, "please take this all for free" sort of business plan. I figure I would end up in something where I agree to constantly provide, free of charge, millions of new things with zero profit involved (and actually a good bit of loss, if you think about how much cash I spend on yarn-even the recycled yarn is costing me a bit.)

Ag, what do I do?


TamaraK said...

I know how you feel! Every single time, I turn down offers of payment or can't even place a value on my work. In my case, it's web site designs, but it's also been for the very annoying job of dog-sitting. ANYthing at all, actually!

Have you tried bartering instead? I've agreed to design a website in exchange for Handyman services, which I could certainly use. It's a step in the right direction, albeit a small one. (sympathetic sighs)

Amanda Doll said...

TamaraK, thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. I so rarely get "real" comments, I was expecting something selling me viagra... Instead I was pleasantly surprised to get your nice comments instead. :)
I think bartering is a wonderful idea. I wish that it was a more accepted form of currency.
You are awesome. I will try it the next time I am presented with a pay situation!

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