Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Gardening books and clever ideas

I am a learner, I have to read all I can about whatever thing that interests me (if information is avaliable) and I am a lover of books, so I have ordered these books to help with my gardening experiece.

  • The Impatient Gardener [Paperback] by Baker, Jerry
  • The AHS Great Plant Guide by DK Publishing
  • Rodale's Successful Organic Gardening: Vegetables (Rodale's Successful Organic
  • Rodale's Garden Problem Solver: Vegetables, Fruits, and Herbs by Ball, Jeff
Haven't received them yet, but I'll update what they are like when I do.

Even though I bought these four books (paid $1.04 for all four), I still want a better plant identification guide and I have been searching and searching and didn't really find anything I found acceptable for my needs, so I came up with the most clever idea. I googled a bunch of different things like "vegetable garden", "herb garden"...etc. and put catalog on the end and then ordered about 20 different plant catalogs. This way I will have a better visual identification tool. I am eagerly awaiting my catalogs and I'll probably break them all up into a binder or something for ease of use. Just had to share my clever idea.


Jo said...

love your blog, although i think
A. Dolls garden would be a good name!

Jo said...

need to see your May photos, your garden is sooo beautiful!

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