Monday, April 16, 2007

My Garden

Being my first post for this particular blog, I am going to just start off by describing my garden, my gardening habits and my general love of all that is green and growing (minus poison ivy/oak/sumac, or anything else I'm deathly allergic to).

I live in MS where the sun is quite hot for most of the year. We get a bit of cold from mid-Nov. to mid-Feb. or early March. Because of this, I am able to plant a lot sooner than most people I read about and I try to take advantange of this additional growing season the best I can.

In the beginning, I grew mostly in containers (well, all in containers), but I have now branched out to a full-fledged garden (tilled and everything)! My garden this year is going on its 3rd or 4th week of growth, but I've had major set-backs over the past 10 days or so. It went from 85 degrees during the day to about 4 days of only a little over freezing during the day and freezing for real over night. Last weekend I lost all of my tomatoes, a pepper plant, 12 eggplants, 3 watermellons, and about a gazillion cucumbers. I've replanted seeds where I could and replanted seedlings everywhere else. I can say though that this lost was hard on me and I cried for the first day.

I suppose a list of things growing is in order, though I promise this won't be complete because I find myself adding stuff nearly daily and intend to add more as time goes on, just to see what I am good at growing.

The veggie garden itself has:

Bell peppers
Sweet banana peppers
Hot banana peppers
Yellow squash (summer)
Bee's Balm
Purple onions

Um...I am pretty sure there are about 14 more things, but I cannot think of them right now. I have things to tend to in the yard, so this is all for my first entry. I hope to update this a lot and intend to post pictures of my progress.

And, yes, this is all grown chemical free, so if you have advice or questions, please PLEASE share. I love to learn new things and ways to help my plants live and grow.

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