Monday, December 1, 2008

Ho, Ho, Ho and Holiday Cheer

I figured I should write up a nice holiday post for that one person that actually reads this thing. I suppose if I were to update it more often, I would have more luck with the readers. But, then again, I am not sure if I write on here for other people to read or if I just do it for a documentation of my fantastical gardening abilities!

Christmas is my extremely favorite time of year. (Next to spring gardening time.) I have no idea why it is so awesomely fun to me, but it is. I love the lights, the decorations, the anticipation...I just love it. I love giving people presents; homemade are my favorite kind, but there are only so many scarves, hats and mittens my family members will accept before they start regifting them back to me. (HA! They would never do it, but I do have a feeling that they would eventually start feeding them to various animals or using them for purposes beyond their intended, I do have an alternative idea for the mittens, but for the sake of male egos, I think I would have to make the "thumb" a little larger on the mittens, but then we'd have a great set of warmers...for, em...ya know.

Ok, well, I ran the previously mentioned use for mittens by my husband and apparently men don't really get that cold down in that region. So, back to the drawing board. Of course, I have a zillion and four other things that I love to make (my friend Shirley says I use the abstract number 4 too often, but I kinda like it). Yesterday after noon, I melted down an old (but great smelling 3 wick candle that was no longer useful. I turned it into a quite pretty and useful new candle the size of a large yogurt cup (ok, I actually used a large yogurt cup for the mold...) and then a smaller one out of a paper Diego cup. Both of these will lose their temporary homes, because its just frankly not very pretty to admire a candle glowing from inside a plain yogurt cup. And I'm not sure the paper cup wouldn't be famable, so ya, I guess I'll have to ditch the molds. I just had an inspired idea about decorating the candles though. I could apply warm, maleable wax to the outsides of the candles and then press into the warm wax random christmasy things...

Wow, well, I got way off track there. My point was that I love to give presents; the anticipation is just wonderful for me. (And yes, I suppose I care if the giftee enjoys the present, but the whole anticipation part is the best for me personally.) I wish I could figure a way to handy craft all of my gifts, but ya know, there is just no discrenable way for me to make Operation out of old containers and some paint. If anyone has any ideas, I would love to hear them, but you must be able to actually fool a 5-6 year old. And you know, they are pretty clever at that age.

If you have continued reading so far, thank you, thank you. I believe my weekly shiney stat reprot that shows that a few people actually read this blog is a seriously good ego boost for me. So I'd like to give you a big ole Christmas virtual hug and a thank you. I sincerely appreciate that people, someone, somewhere, actually feins a little care for what this crazy southern girl has to say.

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