Monday, October 10, 2011

Haunted heads, handmade Halloween costumes

This is the Halloween costume I made for my son last year. He is the disembodied head (that the monster is carrying around) and the "real" head is just a frame inside of a backpack that has those telescoping handles and wheels. So cool. I am not sure if I can top myself this year. (But I will try! Zombie? Mummy? Mad scientist - like from the beginning of Robot Chicken?)

You wouldn't believe the reactions he got. People kept stopping him to take pictures and kids ran screaming (and more than a few screaming and crying). Oh it was fun.

Any ideas of an equally awesome or scary costume? Have you made a costume that was just too cool for words?

Mine was out of things entirely from our house (except the clever, hands of the monster, yellow goop for hair-- Dollar Tree, $3 total.) The shirt and pants were my husband's. His hair is filled with spiders (just spider rings with his hair strands looped through.) Make-up we have in copious amounts because of my husband's (now dormant) love of dressing up for parties and football games. The blood around his neck is red tissue paper. The head is a "Hulk Hand" with a Frankenstein mask and the top is covered with hair I made out of crepe paper. Oh ya, and to really freak people out, I taped marbles with pupils drawn on (the cat's eye ones) inside of the eye sockets on the mask, so it seriously looked like a person. Most of the people passing out candy would look at the green head first then only realize that wasn't his real head. Oh it was fabulous to watch those reactions.

This year I have made my niece a beautiful princess costume. I still need to finish her slippers and crown. I am also making my 2 nephews knight costumes. Those are in pieces waiting to be sewn. I'll post those pics in a bit.

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