Thursday, July 1, 2010

Brown thumb?

So maybe I have a brown thumb now? For 3 years I had a beautiful, bountiful garden and for the past 2, I have been unable to get vegetables to grow. I have changed nothing. I don't use chemicals. I haven't salted the earth, but lo and behold, nothing grows worth a damn. My god, the freaking marigolds are dying I planted with the veggies!!! Does this make sense? My neighbor has a huge, luxurious garden that they slather with chemicals and pesticides and it's producing huge crops. I haven't gotten the first thing from mine. I believe rabbit ate three of my pepper plants. A cut worm got a few other peppers and the cucumbers. I have no idea where the basil went. I have 7 tomatoes that are in varying degrees of growth, but nothing has gone crazy as it normally would have by this time of year... everything looks like I planted it four weeks ago, not at the first of April. ONE of my eggplants is HUGE, but hasn't produced a single fruit. The other five look like they were put in the ground about a week ago--again, its been since April 1st. So maybe my thumb is brown. I am being flip about this all, but truthfully it hurts me tremendously. Growing things is one of the few pleasures I feel. Two years of killing plants just breaks my heart and makes me feel like a failure.

Oddly, even things like my Elephant ears (they have been in the ground here for 5 years now) didn't come up this year. I dug for the bulbs and they were rotten and eaten up by bugs. Same for the calla lilies. What is going on? I replanted some elephant ears and one has started to grow, though the leaves are tiny and nothing like they should be. The other didn't grow at all. The zinnias that have volunteered for the past 4 years didn't grow. But my parsley is going like fire. It makes no sense to me.

I do have some flowers, I'll post pics in a bit.

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