Monday, September 5, 2011

Some of my favorite things...

My first attempt at a blooming flower. I saw the most beautiful pic of something similar on Pinterest and I am determined to figure out a pretty one for myself. I think this will be the end of a pillow (like those round cylinder type ones, can't think of the name).

Pretty pincushions
This is a huge scale motif originally from a 1970 era crochet pattern. It is done in red and yellow, but for some reason, the red really burns out the image and it's hard to see the stitch.
 A sweet zinnia sent to me from my doctor, it was waiting in my room as soon as I got out of surgery on Wednesday.
Peeking from behind is my sewing machine and awesome dust cover. To the right is an old spice rack I use for holding my thread and bobbins.
 Pretty, pretty purse that I made for a little girl in the neighborhood. Its a very deep color plum (which I just couldn't get to show in the pictures".

A humming bird sipping from my beloved zinnias.

 This is a playtpus and netbook cover I made for my sis for her birthday. Both are my first attempts at designing patterns. I have duplicated the platypus, so I think it is a useable pattern. I haven't done the netbook cover again so I am not sure if it makes sense to anyone else.

 Lots more of my pretty flowers.

 T Rex at the Museum of Natural History in New York City. I took this on our trip to NYC in June of this year.
 Another Iconic image from NYC.
 An awesome tile mosaic from the wall of a subway entrance in the middle of Times Square.
 Much better shots of my sewing machine cover: Front

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