Wednesday, August 8, 2012

King sized crochet afghan, a work in progress...


I have been working on a very large afghan that I intend to use on my bed. I started off wanting to use a Lion Brand Yarn pattern, but strayed quickly (as I tend to do) and ended up making up a pattern as I went along. I have some pictures of the squares uploaded and I am going to post those now. Then I'll go spread the giant thing out and take some more pics of it so you can see the pieced together blanket. It's quite large and I am in the process of adding a border to get a bit of hang-over along the edges of my bed. 

I did most of it with Hobby Lobby's "I Love This Yarn", though a few of the colors are Lion Brand "Vanna's Choice" and then, finally, the "glue" (or the lavender yarn) I used to stitch it all together with and the white I've added around for the border, are both Lion Brand's "Pound of Love". I will attach a materials list and a pattern (instructions, general guidelines, whatever) when I get the pictures take; if anyone is interested in undertaking this mammoth task. 

I worked an assembly line with this, making the initial circles, adding the colors, etc. to each until I had 9 giant piles of squares. I had 8 color patterns that I used to make 10 squares each with (80 total) and then also ended up with about 20 additional squares of random color combinations that I guess I just made along the way every once in a while to try something different. 

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