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Linen Stitch cotton crochet bath mat

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All stitches are US crochet terminology

100% untreated cotton, worsted weight (such as Sugar’n Cream by Lily)

4.25mm hook (gauge isn’t important, use hook size you prefer to get finished product the size you want)

Linen stitch is created by using a sc, ch1, sc repeat. Check key below pattern before you start so we can be sure to agree on what abbreviations and symbols stand for. 

Begin: chain an even number to create the length of mat you would like, then add ch3 for the turn.
Row 1: sc in 3rd ch from hook, ch1, skip 1 st, sc. *sc, ch1, sk st, sc* repeat to end. Ch2. Turn
Row 2: sc in 1st ch1 space from below, ch1, sc. *sc, ch1, sc* repeat to last sc. Ch1, sc in ch2 space from last row. Ch2  turn.

Repeat until desired width is reached.

Tips, tricks and ideas:
Make sure you make the last sc of each row into the 2 chain created at the end of the previous row, not in the top of the last sc of the row below. If you accidentally put it in the sc, you will end up with a wonky line up the side that isn’t anywhere near straight.

Try alternating colors of yarn each row. I have tons of cotton yarn, so I randomly striped my rug; the only pattern I used for the colors was to make sure I didn’t put two of the same color too close together.

If you alternate colors, or if you just want a fringe at the edges of the rug without having to add fringe at the end, start each row’s color change by chaining 12 , then sc into the 2 ch of the previous row. At the end of the row, after the last ch2, ch12 sts into nothing and tie off the yarn. It really has a nice effect and you can use up all of your yarn leftovers.

Abbreviations: US terminology
Ch = chain stitch
Sc = single crochet
St or sts = stitches
*__* indicates a repeat. Repeat sts between the asterisks.

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