Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Front of pic to back, left to right each row contains:
row 1: pansies, watermellon, okra
Row 2: Eggplants, watermellon, okra
Row 3: HUGE eggplant (already producing), cantelopes, bee balm
Row 4: eggplant, green beans (bush), eggplant
Row 5: Mint, petunia, basil, petunia, thyme, petunia, lavender and 3 purple onions, pepper
Row 6: pepper, tons of onions and sunflowers

Middle of pic: Eggplants and flowers, yellow squash at very back of row, a few peppers in there too.
Left of pic: my glorious squash

Upclose of an eggplant blossom. You can also see the flea beetle damage.

Green beans!! See the blossoms??
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